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Pacific Grove is nearly an island - it is in the minds of people who live here - "surrounded" on two sides by the blue cold ocean. In a town that's half water and half land, we're in a specific groove where we love nature but also love to leave and see what the rest of the world is doing. Welcome along!

Thursday, February 28, 2013

In a Lull

I have not been writing much these days, as you have noticed. I've been away from my keyboard, and also not musing as much about what piques my imagination. Good news is, my imagination is still rambling along on its own, having a good time. I'm just letting it kind of go about its business, like a pet off its leash, snuffling about, chasing butterflies and kicking up leaves.

What is really going on here? What does a writer do when a writer is not writing, anyway?

Well, let's see. Trees are still green, sirens still wail, and birds still strafe my car. That seems to never change. Don't you notice that your attention shifts and turns differently at different times of the year or in different seasons. Now that Spring is coming, I feel a relief, like there's more to look forward to. Not only "Whew! Made it through the winter!" but that possibility is real. Flowers are showing up on trees again. It was a long cold winter. People were sick a lot. The heater was always going. It just seemed worse this year somehow.

There has been a lull. The waves of inspiration have died down a bit, but I feel a change now. Look at that ocean. A light breeze is riffling the surface and a weather change is coming, over on the horizon. Feels like it might be interesting.
Not quite time to put the leash on the imagination because it's still having a good time chasing squirrels, but I have not forgotten about writing.


Anonymous said...

Well, welcome back to the world of writing! That was quite a sabbatical you took, going without writing here since November. The Groove misses your input, gets shallower, permits
meaningless noise to fill in the void. Where have you been? Have you noticed the upheaval in the downtown area? Will the Bathhouse restaurant restoration ever be finished? Do city kiddies really need a new pool at Lovers Point? Have you kissed a sea otter recently? Lots of stuff to write about. Have at it....

Shristhi Ahuja said...

I felt good that you are feeling the change. You should start writing, I think you have lot of stuff to share.

B&B Brugge